The datamarket to find the data you need

Thousands of quality datasets, up to date and ready to be consumed

Your datamarket

InferIA is the AI-based datamarket where you will find the data you need to boost your business.

More Data Than Ever

We have an innovative search technology that will allow you to always find the most suitable data.

The best quality

We strive to provide you with data that meet the requirements of quality, completeness and accuracy so that you can use them without any problem in your projects.

Trusted suppliers

We validate all our data providers to ensure that we only provide data from trusted sources.

Exclusive data

We go further by using new and innovative data sources that set us apart from others.

Work in Peace

Our data is GDPR friendly, but we also inform you of any legal limitations so that you always get value from it in a secure way.

Get more value

Find data that can be easily combined with your own sources and get better insights for your business.

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We want to give you the best

At InferIA, we are looking for the best data providers to provide our clients with the best quality information to help you drive your business to the top. Also, if you don’t find any of the data you are looking for, let us know and we will look for it for you.


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